Grants Awarded

2020 Grant Awards

Friends of Owyhee – Research & Planning for Succor Creek Historical Trail Improvements.

Jordan Valley High School – Sound Equipment for the Drama Department.

ION Museum – Remodel the O’Keefe Building to become part of the Cowboy Life Exhibit.

Revitalize Ontario – Funds for the construction of the Gateway Arch – 1884 Historic Ontario.

Veteran Advocates – Purchase of a museum software to archive their collection.

2019 Grant Awards

Drexel H Foundation – Engage Young Voices – Marketing.

Illustrious Onion Skin Players – Refurbish the Marque and bring back the original colors on the 1917 Star Theater.

Treasure Valley Community College – Engagement in Equity Week at the College, exposing student to our community.

Four Rivers Cultural Center – Folklife Festival demonstrating the skilled craftsman of old, over 600 people attended.

Dell Cementary – Restoration of 50 historic headstones in the Dell Cemetery in Jamieson.

2018 Grant Awards

Drexel Foundation – Vale – $600 – General Fund to supplement event expenses.

Chamber of Commerce – Ontario – $1500 -America’s Global Village Festival Support.

Willamette Heritage Center – $500 – Document histories and photos of Quilts in Malheur County.  Register them in a National Historic Quilt directory.

Illustrious Onion Skin Players – Weiser – $3200 -Repair, paint and replace neon on the Star Theater marquee damaged in the heavy snow of 2017.

Friends of the Aquatic Center – Ontario – $2000 – Construction of Splash Pad in Lion’s Park.

Treasure Valley Community Concert – Ontario – $1100 – Transport children from Ontario, Vale, Adrian, Nyssa Schools to a free day live concert.

ION Jordan Valley Museum – Jordan Valley – $1300 – Story Boards for new out buildings.

Four Rivers Cultural Center – Ontario – $3000 – Theater and Drama Classes.

Westfall Museum – Westfall – $600 – Lumber to repair building.

2016/2017 Grants Awarded

Stone House Museum – Vale – $498 – Connie George Retrospect -Displaying her body of work from 2004 to 2011.

Community Concerts of Treasure Valley – Ontario – $1,100 – Transportation for Middle School Students from Vale, Nyssa, Ontario, and Adrian to attend a free professional piano concert by Alina Kiryayeva at the Four Rivers Cultural Center.

Four Rivers Cultural Center – Ontario – $3200 – The Missoula Children’s Theatre travels to Ontario and teaches 64 children to act and sing their way through  a musical play.

2015/2016 Grants Awarded

Malheur Historical ProjectVale – $3500 – Compile a resource list of Malheur County Artists, Authors, Heritage Sites, Museums, Musicians, Cultural Contributors and Lecturers.  They would be listed on the Malheur County Cultural Trust web site.  This will serve Malheur County as a resource for talent, historic venues and cultural resources.

Four Rivers Cultural CenterOntario – $3000 – Host renowned painter Betty LaDuke in the Harano Art Gallery from June 12th through August 30th.  Her colorful works depict Oregon labor planting/harvesting crops and orchards.

Revitalize Ontario! Ontario – $5,000 – The 1906 Lackey Building is in the core of  historical downtown Ontario.  Thru the years it has had many reiterations, the goal is to restore and preserve the building for future generations through the generosity of the Malheur Cultural Trust, the City of Ontario Facade Grant, along with a Oregon State Grant, Diamonds in the Rough.  The facade structure will be brought to the 1967 era.

2014/2015 Grants Awarded

Four Rivers Cultural Center – Ontario – $3,900 to assist in sponsoring Four Rivers Community Theatre with four productions that focus on plays that will appeal to youth audiences. All plays will be offered to local schools for free day attendance to encourage students to participation.

Drexel H. Foundation Vale – $900 – Bookcase for the historical Drexel Hotel law library.

Taiko Drum Workshop – Ontario – $550 Teaching youth how to make traditional Japanese drum along with the history, philosophy, culture and exposure to the national and international community of Taiko, including lessons.

Brogan Community Society – Brogan – $1400 – The 1917 Old Brogan Community Hall Restoration. When restored will offer the Brogan Community an indoor recreation area for the children of Brogan and surrounding area. It will also serve as a rural service center.

2013/2014 Grants Awarded

Four Rivers Cultural Center – Ontario – $2905 to assist in sponsoring the Ballet Folklorico “Quetzalli de Veracruz” at the Meyer McClain Theater at the Four Rivers Cultural Center.

Malheur County Historical Society – Ontario – $2389 to develop a historical data base for Malheur County. They will be collecting oral histories, artifacts, and accessing them.

Jordan Valley Owyhee Heritage Museum – Jordan Valley – $5200 additional cost to place concrete slabs, monuments, fencing and markers in the remote cemeteries in Jordan Valley.

2012/2013 Grants Awarded

Morgen Young – Portland – $2000 Traveling Exhibit of the Japanese American Agricultural Labor Camps in the Pacific Northwest. Exhibit is scheduled to open at the Four Rivers Cultural Center in Ontario, OR September 12, 2014.

Drexel H. Foundation – Vale – $2000 Restoration of the Malheur County Law Library in the historic Drexel Hotel.

Boys & Girls Club of Western Treasure Valley – Ontario – $4500 Music Makers: Art Experience for Kids. Funds to go towards purchase of musical instruments, conduct summer musical workshops, field trips and recordings.

Artist Adele Crownover – Ontario – $1598 to create a traveling Exhibit of Oregon Trail: A Women’s Perspective. Ten to twelve canvases capturing the magnitude of the challenges of the women on the Oregon Trail.

Jordan Valley Owyhee Heritage Museum – Jordan Valley – $2000 Place monuments or markers at the three remote cemeteries. The Rockville Cemetery graves dating back to 1885, the Malloy Family Cemetery and the Camp Lyons Cemetery 1866 to 1867.

2011/2012 Grants Awarded

Four Rivers Cultural Center – Ontario – $5,000 Audio/Video Upgrades for the key exhibits in the FRCC Museum.

Life Long Learners – Ontario – $3338 for the presentation of topics that reflects the interest in this community along with music concerts.

Jordan Valley Centennial Celebration – Jordan Valley – $300 to assist in the preparation of the Jordan Valley Festival.

Treasure Valley Community Concert – Nyssa – $1100 for transportation of Concerts for middle school children from Nyssa, Vale and Ontario.

2010/2011 Grants Awarded

Community Concerts of Treasure Valley – received $1100 for transportation of middle school students from Vale and Nyssa to attend a free concert at the Meyer-McClain Theater in Ontario.

Drexel H. Foundation – received $2000 for restoration of a copula and sub-roofing on the historic Drexel Hotel in Vale.

Four Rivers Cultural Center and Museum – received $2300 for a reader board repair and a traveling art exhibit, “Time”, created by prisoners of eleven Oregon prisons.

Ontario Middle School – received $1000 for an After School Art Project to design, prepare and create a mural to show OMS pride.

2008/2009 Grants Awarded

The Drexel H. Foundation – Vale – received $2,000 for marketing the Art Beat on Main Street celebration and production of a film, Vale’s 150 Sesquicentennial Celebration.

ION Heritage Museum – Jordon Valley – received $450 towards installation of security grates and locks for the museum.

Desert Edge Art Gallery – Ontario – received $500 to advance an Student Art Show and Scholarship program.

Stone House Museum – Vale – received $2000 to assist in accessing the museum’s collection onto museum collection software program.

Brogan Community Society – Brogan – received $1800 toward creating a Japanese Harmony Garden to commemorating the contributions that the Japanese people have made to the Brogan Valley.

Four Rivers Cultural Center – Ontario – received $1000 to assist in bringing the “Amerikkanuak-Basque in the High Desert” display to the museum.

2007/2008 Grants Awarded

The House that Art Built – Ontario – received $1,200 for an electrical conversion of a 107 year old house into a co-op Art Gallery.

The Drexel H. Foundation – Vale – received $1,000 for marketing for an Art Faire and Street Dance celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the Drexel Hotel.

ION Heritage Museum – Jordan Valley – received $2,000 for a permanent signage for the new ION Museum which was dedicated on Jun 21, 2008.

Desert Edge Art Gallery – Ontario – received $700 for interior track lighting and signage for the gallery.

“ACT” Alameda Children’s Theater – Ontario – received $1000 funds for costumes and two stage productions.

2006/2007 Grants Awarded

Brogan Community Society – Brogan – received $2,000 for stabilization of the 1912 Apple Shed in preparation for Historic Murals in Brogan.

Drexel H. Foundation – Vale – received $1,800 for assistance with a children’s film production class, art in the park youth camp series, and classes. Money used for financial support for instructors brought to Vale, purchase of equipment and restoration of the floor at the Opera House.

Treasure Valley Artist Assoc – Ontario – received $1,000 for web site development to accept orders through shopping cart software.

Alameda Children’s Theater “ACT” – Ontario – received $1,000 towards costumes and three stage productions in their after school program.

Jordan Valley ION Museum – Jordon Valley – received $1,000 towards a privacy fence requested by the neighbors.

The Studio – Vale – received $1,800 towards the purchase of a piano, sound system, mirrors and bars to conduct dance classes for children in Vale.

2005/2006 Grants Awarded

Brogan Community Society – Brogan – received $2,000 towards their mural project which will depict the history of the community. The project will be in phases. The first phase will be to prepare the building, erect support structures and complete one panel of the mural. The building is next to Hwy 20/26.

Alameda Elementary School – Ontario – received $600 towards their After School Drama Program. Supervised by Ruth Creek 3rd, 4th & 5th graders will create, work on sets, and act in several plays through out the school year. This money will go towards costumes, supplies and two sponsorships to Madd Camp.

Drexel H. Foundation – Vale – received $1,700 towards the purchase of film and video equipment to advance the Youth Arts Program as well as funds to bring in professional artists to train students.

Vale Heritage Reflections Mural Society – Vale – received $600 towards the update of their existing website which was last updated in 2003. They will be adding five new murals as well as other new information.

Jordan Valley Owyhee Heritage Museum – Jordan Valley – received $2,000 towards the renovation of the donated Elorriaga Home. When completed, the house will serve as a museum for Jordan Valley’s History.

2004/2005 Grants Awarded

Drexel Foundation – Vale – received $800 towards their summer Youth Arts Camp for performing and visual arts. This money will also go towards new display windows in the Drexel Hotel which will speak to the camps activities and achievements.

Treasure Valley Art Guild – Ontario – received $1,000 towards their web site. This site will promote the thirty members of the art guilds work and will also publicize art related events and exhibits. Eventually, the site will be open to other artist in the community to display their works.

Pat Phillips of Phillips Realty – Ontario – received $500 to assist in sponsoring Hank Morrow’s lecture and two day pottery workshop. He is a noted artist from Eugene, Oregon.