Presented by the Oregon Heritage Commission TOURISM WORKSHOP ON JUNE 7, Four Rivers Culture Center


Talk about an Awesome offering. A half-day workshop custom-designed to help organizations and businesses succeed in heritage tourism will take place June 7 at Four Rivers Cultural Center, 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Wednesday, 676 SW 5th Avenue in Ontario. Let your friends and associates know about this opportunity.

The workshop will give you information, examples, working tools and networking opportunities to strengthen your own attraction to build collaborations that create uniquely satisfying visitor experiences. The workshop is titled “Succeeding with Heritage Tourism: Market Information, Resources and Ideas for Attracting More Visitors through Creative Collaboration.” How timely with the Eclipse in August, so take advantage!

According to past participant, Sarah LeCompte, heritage tourism workshops held in eastern Oregon in spring of 2016 paved the way for a stellar year of visitation, with many heritage and cultural sites reporting visitation increases up to 15-20%.

“Looking for opportunities to collaborate and cross market to build new audiences, they learned about the need to start connecting heritage attractions with other activities that might not seem compatible at first glance. Museum and brew pub? Historic sites and street fairs and bicycle rentals? Art gallery to museum to fishing spot?” notes LeCompte, “It’s easy to get focused on promoting our own area of interest, and forgetting that most humans generally have more than one favorite past-time and want a travel and vacation experience to match their unique set of interests.” To learn more about the 2016 heritage tourism workshop visit the Oregon Heritage Exchange blog<>.

Ontario – The workshop is free, but registration is required:

Register<> .

For more information, contact Kuri Gill at 503-986-0685 or<> .

The workshop is, part of Oregon Parks and Recreation Department using statewide partner funds provided by the Oregon Cultural Trust. Organized with support from Revitalize Ontario! and Four Rivers Cultural Center.