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Cultural Plan

Afford Malheur County residents and visitors the opportunity to enjoy a vibrant cultural life that engages citizens of all age groups from all parts of the county.

The following is a list of cultural activities that were deemed needed in the County, listed by priority.

  1. Festivals/Fairs
  2. Museum Programs & Exhibits
  3. After School Arts programs
  1. Classes for art instruction
  2. Historic Programs
  3. Out door concerts
  1. Concerts
  2. Library programs
  3. Folkloric events
  4. Performing arts presentations

90% felt that cultural events enhance the quality of life for the county and are of great importance to the local economy.

Committee Responsibilities

The following activities have been identified as appropriate for MCT. However, other activities may be undertaken as long as they support the mission and directives in the planning document.

  • Develop a budget based on estimated revenue
  • Issue the call for projects
  • Review, evaluate and rank the projects
  • Award funds
  • Negotiate contracts with awardees
  • Request and receive project reports
  • Prepare all required reports for the Oregon Cultural Trust
  • Publicize projects receiving awards
  • Update and amend the county action plan as needed


MCT may elect to undertake certain activities in the plan. Suggestions are:

  • Web site development and maintenance
  • Inventory maintenance
  • Hosting group meetings between disciplines

Grant funds may be used for any and all activities that support the strategies in the planning document, including plan maintenance and Fiscal Management.


MCT Committee members will determine the date and frequency of meetings. However, it is recommended that meetings be regularly scheduled to attend to the Committee’s business. The spirit of the Oregon open meeting law is to be observed, meaning that public notice of the meetings is provided and minutes kept.

Conflict of Interest

As a general rule, MCT committee members shall not personally apply for grants distributed by MCT while they are serving. A conflict of interest, or an appearance of a conflict of interest, may exist even if a relative or organization with which the committee member is affiliated makes application. In such a case, the committee member must disclose this conflict and refrain from discussion and voting on the project.

Revised 03/01/24